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When Beatrice is stranded in Stockholm after her Swedish boyfriend dumps her, she refuses to admit defeat and return stateside. She finds a job as a home helper for elderly Swedes and soon discovers that one of her clients is a victim of abuse. Will she be able to protect the victim, or be caught in the crossfire of drug deals and family secrets?

Set in Stockholm in the early 1970s, Knowing Place tells the story of a spirited young American struggling to understand her surroundings, and herself, with the help of political refugees from Chile and the natives who know Sweden best: elderly people.



In 1970s Stockholm, Beatrice’s best friend is her seventy-something home-help client Gustav. Generally talkative, Gustav never speaks of his past, other than his stories about putting on plays in the attic with Greta Garbo. Yet when Gustav is taken to a mental hospital, where he is heavily sedated, Beatrice learns the stories are true.

Beatrice, determined to get Gustav out and find out why he was put there, garners the help of a Swedish drug dealer, a South American kidnapper and, as a last resort, Greta Garbo. To rescue Gustav, they must delve into the shadier parts of his—and Sweden’s—past.


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  1. Kim Talks Books

    August 27, 2012 at 2:03 am

    Marti, going to share this on my blog! Congratulations, sweetie!


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